What to Expect

Counselling appointments last one hour and take place regularly, either weekly or every second week. The number of counselling sessions needed will depend on the individual and their presenting issue as well as their level of motivation and engagement with the process.

Everything you say to your therapist is confidential although there are exemptions to this.

After making contact an initial appointment will be made to meet the therapist and discuss your current difficulties. At this first appointment you will go through the therapeutic agreement which details practicalities of the therapeutic relationship including data protection and the cancellation policy. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and share what you feel your difficulties are. The therapist will encourage you to identify aims for therapy; what you would like to achieve.

At the end of this appointment you will be asked for payment and if you would like to make another appointment. If you are unsure you can take time to think this through after the session. Therapy can be an emotionally, physically and mentally draining process and so it is important that you are supported in this by a therapist that you feel you will work well with. You are under no obligation to continue with the therapist you meet with and you are encouraged to have an initial appointment with several counsellors until you find one you like.

In subsequent sessions the therapist will conduct an assessment and formulate a treatment plan to support you in achieving your goals. This could be, for example, to learn coping strategies for anxiety, to increase intimacy in your relationship or it could simply be to talk through and process challenging life events or transitions.