Sex Addiction

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

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Is Sex Addiction real?

Yes, Sex Addiction is a real problem which can cause significant distress for the individual and their partner(s). As with any biological process or mental health difficulty there will be many opinions given on this subject and all with valid points. However, what is most important is how it impacts on each individual. Counselling can provide a safe space to explore this.

How do I know if I am a Sex Addict?

Applying the diagnosis of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour on an individual is difficult as each person’s sexual abilities, likes, dislikes, habits and kinks will be just as individual as they are. The label is not sex shaming but an awareness that being controlled by sexual thoughts and desires and fearing what will happen next can cause significant distress.

Speaking to a qualified and experienced professional and discussing how your sexual habits are impacting on your life will help you to identify if your behaviours are due to a compulsion.

Is Sex Addiction an excuse to have lots of sex?

No. Sex Addiction can cause people’s sexual behaviours to escalate and become more risky. However, as with any addict the individual will need to take responsibility for their actions.

Does abstinence treat Sex Addiction?

No. Sex Addiction is akin to an eating disorder as complete abstinence is not possible biologically as individuals will still experience feelings of desire and arousal. Treatment includes understanding the need to act out sexually and exploring what the individual’s perception of a positive sexuality is to them.