The 5 Minute Guide to Coping with School Holidays

Coping with Frustration

If you are able to take time off work it can be an ideal opportunity to reconnect with your family. However, this can be a very stressful time for parents and their child/children. The pressure to keep up with other families, holidays, days out and to make your child/children’s holiday a memorable time can be too much stress.

This can be magnified when you don’t feel close with your child/children. How can you reconnect with them when you feel frustrated and don’t know where to start?

  • Make space to spend together.

  • Remember to listen more and shout less.

  • Counting from 1 to 10 is simple yet effective.



Bonding with Children

It is important when connecting with your child/children that you learn about them and also tell them about you. Bonding is a two way process. Sharing experiences is the fastest way to build lasting bonds because the feel-good endorphins that are released are powerful touchstones.

  • Do things together that you enjoyed doing as a child and tell them why you enjoyed it e.g. building dens, picking fruit, trips to castles.

  • Do a project together and encourage them to take (age appropriate) ownership e.g. decorating their room, painting a fence in the garden.

  • Go through your phones and pick out the best pictures from these experiences. Print them and make a scrap book with stickers and hand written notes.

Nurturing Children

Whether children admit it or not they are guided by the example of their parents/primary care givers. This is an opportunity for you all to focus on positive habits including eating, drinking, sleeping and use of mobile phones. By doing this you will be able to focus on one another and time spent together.

  • Have all meals together and make this a mobile phone free space.

  • Play team games together: football, tig, board games, quizzes.

  • Tell your child/children that you are enjoying spending this time with them.

Maintenance of the Relationship

When you have found new experiences you all enjoy or benefit from, make these your routine and plan to do them when the children are back at school and you are back at work. Maintaining the relationship in this way will lead to ongoing benefits for the family.

  • When you feel confident you can suggest a day where you say “yes“ to every request and see where the day takes you: cake for breakfast, a trip to the zoo, getting covered in stickers or an afternoon nap for all.

If none of these things seem possible due to other situations or complications then remember that the school holidays are almost over for another year.

If you are really struggling to cope and are already dreading the next school holidays it may be time to talk to someone in confidence and without judgement.

Men's Health #menshealthweek

MEN’S HEALTH WEEK JUNE 10 - 16th 2019

An annual awareness event run by Men’s Health Forum. The focus for 2019 is men’s health by numbers.

The Men’s Health Forum aims to raise awareness of men’s heath issues for the public and also policy makers and service providers #menshealthweek. Their message is clear:

One man in five dies before he is old enough to retire. Together, by knowing our numbers, we can change this statistic.

Men’s Health Statistics

Go to Men’s Health Forum to undertake a men’s health quiz and MOT and for more information on stats that could change your life including:

  • 37 - a waist size of 37 inches and above increases risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer

  • 14 - maximum units of alcohol a week

  • 75% of premature heart disease deaths are male

Making changes to physical health can directly impact on mental health.

Men’s Health every day/week/month

It’s important to remember that men should focus on their physical and mental health all year round. Partners can help to focus attention on issues of concern but ultimately it is the individual’s responsibility to seek help and make changes.

Start making changes; email for an appointment now.